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July 21, 2010
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Dynamic Skin  - copics by Marker-Guru Dynamic Skin  - copics by Marker-Guru
I have more tutorials in my Tutorials gallery folder! [link]

well blow me down, there's a shading category, Hyuk Hyuk...

Anyways, after watching millions of video tutorials on colouring with copics, 99.99999% of them are "how to colour skin", but they all show the same way.

I wanted to show you that with a little effort, you can have more interesting, or dynamic skin colouring. I didn't go deep into adding tons of colours and multiple light sources, but we gotta start somewhere right?
Next I might do different types of skin tones... or something. Send me some suggestions if you like... on my blog... [link]

I used Copic markers for this, but this would apply to any medium really...

Anyways, Whatever... I hope this is useful or something... :eager:

And as a side note: I don't mean the nose thing to be terribly offensive, only a wee bit. Enough to make you THINK about style choices before doing them, Okay?
If it upsets you, toughen up your hide a little, then keep doing what you do.

Useful Links:
[link] - a great pile of blogs about lighting

[link] - my own marker blog (FOLLOW FOLLOW!!!!!! :eager: )

[link] - my livestream where I often (weekly usually) stream my artistic endeavours live for all the chat with me. It's usually markers, but sometimes animation, and usually mondays.

[link] - my sketch blog where I post sketches, works in progress and art journey information (folllowwww!! :eager: )

[link] - my youtube :D

By the way, The character is Demi from my WIP Comic #Conflagration-Film
It's not Anime or Manga, but maybe you'll like it anyways? ;3;

:new: I did a tutorial on Darker skin tones on my blog. Check 'er out [link]
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Kurokawa-Hatake Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
What kind of paper do you use for your copic markers? I've tried just about everything besides card stock. I've tried bristol, marker paper, mix media paper, sketchbook paper, etc, but I have not yet found anything that I like to work with. Any ideas?
Marker-Guru Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I use Xpress it Blending Card mostly for my illustrations, or Aquabee Marker paper (slightly cheaper, and thinner - I use this for comics). [link]
The "marker Paper" on the market is that thin stuff, that's better for quick rendering and colour sketches.

Bristol is OK but it makes everything seem darker and will dry out your markers really fast.
The key is to not have something too heavy or absorbent (though some people like it).
The heavier/more absorbent the paper is, the more ink it will take. You'll be refilling constantly, and since they never stop absorbing, you can get a lot of feathering issues.

Cardstock is best.
Copics Sketchbooks are pretty amazing too. - [link]

Hope that helps :)
Kurokawa-Hatake Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you very much. I've spent a fortune just on paper in the past 6 months while trying to find something suitable. I did one of my drawings on bristol, and hated it when I started to lay the marker down because it feathered so much. I kept having to use the blender to push it back in between the lines. Never doing that again. I enjoyed using the thin layout paper with my prisma color markers, but tried it with my copics and hated it.

Your link helped a lot. :)
Marker-Guru Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
yay, I'm glad :D
I've done a lot of teaching and guest blogs so I've gotten to know all the tools really well :) (working in an art store for 4 years helped too haha~) Always happy to answer questions :)
Kurokawa-Hatake Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I was an intern for an art class last year, so I know just about everything besides markers. Paints, pastels, chalk, etc, is easy to deal with. I've got a closet full of quality art supplies. Everything but card stock. :)

I've yet to upload any of my really good work because they're commissions and I use just about everything on them. I'm not too good with manga or anything cartoonish, but I can draw realistically with charcoal really well. I've started a ballpoint pen drawing of Snape, and a sepia charcoal drawing of one of the old movie ladies.

The charcoal drawing is on 9x12 bristol and is too big to fit on my scanner. lol.
Marker-Guru Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah, I specifically meant markers (though I have branched out a LOT)
I avoided card stock for a long time, its actually hard to get good COLOURING card stock in a real art store. sometimes have to go to craft stores. Hooray for Online shopping? In Canada shipping becomes a monstrous problem though :/

The scanner problem was always one of my problems too, HAHA! I hated that scanners were always so small. I broke down and finally bought a 11x17 scanner. Its the best thing I ever bought and wasn't that pricy (as far an good scanners go anyway)[link]

It was torture to have to scan all my comics in 2 parts and stitch them together in photoshop. :faint:
Kurokawa-Hatake Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I live in the U.S. so I don't have a shipping problem. It's just finding the items in stock online. Every time I get the money to buy what I want, no one has it online or in the store. I had to piece one of my older pictures together using the Photoshop at school and I ended up really messing it up because I don't have any photoshop/digital experience.:)
It really looked hilarious. My teacher printed it off and wrote below: Don't drink and draw. Everyone got a laugh out of it because my traditional pieces are pretty good. I love going to art/craft stores just to see what they have.

I looked into the X-Press It and some is currently on it's way, along with some more card stock. I'm trying out different brands even though X-Press it will probably be the one I end up liking anyway.

And it is really hard to get good paper. Even though you can feel of it before you buy, it's not the same as taking your pencil and drawing on it to see how it reacts. They should have little pads of paper like the kind they sell. They are catering to some picky people, right?

Thank you for the link for the scanner. :)
rokulie Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012   Traditional Artist
This is great, thanks so much! I used to mix colors a lot when I used to paint, but I've only been using markers for a long time so that I could practice. I didn't know you could blend totally different colors like that, even in the skin. Anytime I've tried, it looks horrible. I guess I have a lot to learn about copics still.
Marker-Guru Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
ahh, yeah markers are a big shift from paint, that's for sure! but so rewarding :D glad you liked it :D
generallaserfist Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Finally! Somebody other than me realizes that you need to add purple or and other bluish tone to skin so that the shadows provide contrast and depth to the skin.
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